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Genie Francis On Her Three-Year Deal With General Hospital: 'A Feeling Like I've Come Home&#

General Hospital hasn’t shown all that much interest in Genie Francis in recent years. Oh, they trotted her out for the soap’s 50th anniversary in 2013, and again last summer when her longtime screen partner Anthony Geary left the show. Since then, she’s only been seen sporadically, mostly because her iconic character, Laura, is one of the few in town who are privy to the big “Jake is Jason” secret. For fans of the luminous actress—and we are legion—it’s never enough! But here’s great news: The Emmy-winning Francis just made a deal with ABC that’ll keep her in Port Charles through 2018.

It’s about time! How are we feeling about this contract? The visits have been nice but this gives me a really warm, cozy feeling—a feeling like I’ve come home. A three-year deal is a very big commitment from ABC these days. It’s too soon to know what stories they have planned for Laura—the who-what-where—but I know they really want to write for me and that’s exciting. [Laughs] They finally took me back! READ MORE.

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