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General Hospital's Genie Francis: On Losing Weight and Loving Life

Mind Your Body with Stephanie Stephens features celebrities and high achievers age 45+ who share their latest projects, healthy living secrets and more. Check out today’s video with Genie Francis.

When the news broke in late October last year that Genie Francis would be extending her time on General Hospital, you could almost feel the earth move. No doubt her legions of fans were clapping and stomping feet in unison.

The fictional town of Port Charles wouldn’t be the same without her as Laura, known and loved since the late 1970s. Genie made history Nov. 17, 1981, when more than 30 million viewers watched her wed Luke, played by Anthony Geary, on the show. The fictional nuptials are still considered the highest-rated hour in U.S. soap opera annals. READ MORE.


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