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General Hospital's Genie Francis Dishes On Laura's Future Romance

Who will Laura fall in love with next on General Hospital?

For many General Hospital fans, Nov. 17, 1981 is a day embedded forever in their minds. Luke and Laura’s wedding was a television event that was watched by 30 million viewers and is still the highest-rated hour in U.S. soap opera history.

For decades, the iconic characters have had separations and reunions, but actor Anthony Geary left his role on the show last summer. In an interview with SheKnows, Francis explains what life is like on set for her now.

“Oh yes, [the set] feels really, really different [without Tony]. To some degree, I feel a responsibility to keep my work at a high standard,” Francis says. “It’s a responsibility for what we created together. I want to keep that legacy going. I don’t want to wimp out or get lazy.”

It doesn’t sound like Francis will be getting lazy anytime soon, because she gave SheKnows the scoop on Laura’s love life. READ MORE.


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